My boss and my work story

Hello friends, my name Jessica, 1.70, the size of a single beautiful Physics Student of the previous year. I read in school, because I get good training to be a good financial situation of the company, half of the half of my internship. My training and my head, and my head to get a bit of my money, I cannot reward.

Then, my friend, worked two day, I have come before you take the money, just as we have buseyl friend got me to kiss him and dance practice for us to arrange a meeting place for 1 week.  

We are accounting Boss John, we also agreed to start the next day, we have a little chat with down we were greeted inside the door knocked on the door to open. My priority B. very convenient, because Lord John, try not to take any orders

I talked a little bit, we had our breakfast in the morning, and wearing a mini-skirt on the first day he went to work the next day, John made sure I was not, so I'm not getting my feet because I was good. After breakfast, he called me over to computer programs or computer and the information on the computer, which was right next to me at the beginning.

He threw my neck slightly bent over from the waist, on the one hand, it is John, and slowly said, turning to my thighs began to shake my ability. To be quiet, and I smiled, looked at me and smiled. He want to fuck me like brazzers porn videos. I want too.

The situation in a quiet room and immediately too, can say what I want to fill it began to wipe my ass hands. We now experience a slow start, and continued to bring up my skirt Ellen

brought to me on the sofa in the room, we are quiet, we expect Dick slowly we began to love sex, because, on the other hand, my chest, stroking and we still robbery was suddenly find I have to love Rut has accelerated slowness we had some time since I lost myself naked, he said.

Only now consists of more than Dick husband asked me, I made a slow and slow in the AMS was fucking me because this is my Pussy sediment control the pace so I am relieved that took me to lie on the couch weapons found down up to dance.

In this post which I have sex about 1 hour, 1-2 times fails. It was then her husband, a member of a little hole in the ass, he said that I want to fuck a donkey. A fucking donkey than 30 min shook me to be a pleasure as well as pain in convulsions, but it quickly fails, I'm tickled pink frost- minutes. My husband and my boss will be satisfied, we then carried out on a weekly basis, we and john our business would not go back





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